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    Polaris Genesis CDI problem - no hall effect power

    I have a 2001 Polaris Genesis, domestic (red) motor that (you guessed it) has no spark on any cylinder.

    Thanks to everyone who has posted tech info, it has been very helpful.

    I have been through the usual Polaris no spark fixes. I have a brand new well charged battery that is holding about 11.0 volts during cracking.

    I saw one thing I thought was strange. I was checking the 9v output from the CDI that powers the hall effect switches. I never saw any voltage when I was cranking the motor. I know that without power to the hall effect switches the ski won't run. Does anyone know if there is some reason the CDI would not deliver that voltage other than a dead CDI box?

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    Make sure your exciter coil on the stator is good. If it does not generate a signal (pulse) to the CDI, the CDI will not output the 8V (7 to 9) to the hall effects. My CDI was dead and had 1.7V out off and 1.5V when cranking. The 4010543 is the CDI you will need if you find it bad. I looked for a week before I found Scotty at Partsland. He was the only one that would take the time to find me a CDI that is not NLA.

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    Hull Effect I made a cool one from this post

    I went to RadioShack bought the cool 9 volt battery connector PN# 270-0324 and a red led light
    PN# 276-0011 a 9 volt battery like shelby427uk did works Great.

    I set the timing at 23 degree’s

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazyinkc View Post
    Make sure your exciter coil on the stator is good.
    I did a static measurement and saw 5.4 ohms across it. Is there a cranking test I should do?

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    Fixed! Dead CDI.

    After searching the country for a CDI box and $340 for the part, my Genesis runs like new.

    Thank all of you who responded to my posts!

    So what's going to happen when the last of old stock goes away? Any chance a snowmobile CDI could be adapted?

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    I have been looking for weeks for a new CDI for my Polaris. Where did you find one if I may ask?

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    My local Polaris dealer found it for me on the dealer network. They had me call an outfit in Wisconsin, but the one I got was the last one they had.

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