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    Post Need Advice with 2008 FX HO

    Got a problem....need some advice.

    The unit is just over 2 years old and has about 22 hours. Was kept on a dock on the intracoastal here in FL all its life, with the exception of past 10 days. Is now on trailer in my garage.

    Unit ran great 5 weeks ago aside from a drained battery due to lack of use.

    Went to use it again about a week ago, and it will not go above 2 or 3 mph. Engine revs, but no speed, or thrust. I mean it will move, but just barely. I changed the spark plugs, and engine sounds normal. It comfortably revs to 5 - 7K rpm. I did not rev any higher as I did not want to damage anything, but the engine felt like it would rev more with no problem.

    Mechanically good, but have never worked on a PWC before. Should have taken that extended warranty!!

    Any advice would be really appreciated.


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    check the prop... it may have something stuck... a rope or something...

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