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    Is it normal to have a little bilge water after riding on a 2011 FZR?

    Hi Guys,

    I recently purchased this FZR and I notice that everytime I finish riding and take of the seats, there's a little water on the Bilge. It is usually located under the rear seat compartment. Is this because there's a leak somewhere? or can some water come in through the jet pump assembly while riding?

    Thank you,


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    1000000% normal. Don't think twice about it.

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    Every ski I've had, which has only been 3, has had a little water in it after riding. It's normal to have a little.

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    I think there's a couple the threads on this issue with the VXR and VXS. The problem seems to be the fact that a check valve was not used on the siphon system which acts as a bilge pump using vacuum pressure from the jet pump. When you hit reverse, back pressure pushes water up the siphon hose and back into the hull. You'll need to order Yamaha part # 68N-5112T-00-00. This is the same check valve used on the rest of the Yamaha line up except the VX models. I've ordered mine and it looks to be about a 2 min job to install.

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    for yamaha hull no matter how u dry it,there will be still water inside the hull...

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    +1 both ski's always a lil h2o

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    Depends on what you call a little bit of water,is it only a small amount that can be soaked up with a rag or does it have to be vacuumed out with a wet-vac,if it is the small amount that's normal but if its a large amount you may have a leak,I had a leak in my ski it use to fill up over the Bilge pump,I reversed the ski in the water so the back was all the way in up to the boarding step and with the rear seat off had a look inside with the engine not running and you could see the water filling up the Bilge area,it turned out that the rear boarding step was not sealed properly, had it fixed by my dealer and it don't leak anymore.


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