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    Need Ultra 150 rebuild advise

    Have an ultra 150 with a middle cylinder that a ring tore up. I took a chance on a used engine that a guy was parting out but turns out that all three cylinders are scored. 1 severely and the other 2 well not so much. They have some light gouges, not enough to stop my finger nail but I can feel them with my finger. Pics attached. Can I get these honed?? So iím still in need of a good cylinder even thought about just dropping a sleeve?? My ski has 50 hours on it, the pto and mag each have 115psi. When I get a good cylinder should I just go ahead and do a complete top end? Or just replace the one piston? When I add up the cost of the gaskets and an OEM piston, ring, bearing, and pin itís almost about the same as doing a WSM Top end kit. (Thatís if it comes with all the gaskets needed as it says)
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    The generally accepted best piston for the Ultra rebuilds is the OEM Kawi stuff. No kit, but for around $140 you can grab the piston, rings, pin, and clips. If you are only replacing one piston, then match it with the others obviously and go Kawi. Personally, if and when I do mine, it will be with Kawi pistons.

    The cylinders are Nikasil coated, so they aren't typical. You might try hitting those with some muriatic acid and see if they clean up. They may not be as bad as you think.

    If you have grooves or damage in the Nikasil, do an exchange with uschrome. For around $250 they will do an exchange with you and you'll get a nice pretty freshly coated cylinder.

    You don't bore/hone Ultra 150 cylinders like you would with most other engines. If the nikasil is damaged it must be replated by someone like US Chrome.

    The nikasil is good stuff. Great heat transfer qualities. SBT uses steel sleeves, and the overall opinion is that the 1200 just doesn't run as well with the sleeves. Speculation is the heat transfer qualities of the cylinders is not what the Kawi initial design had in mind.

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