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    Compression test on msx150

    Hello, in the msx150 manual it says that the compression should be 140psi plus or minus 14psi at sea level.....can anyone tell me or tell me how to figure out what it should be at 1080m above sea level?


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    From what I found you can use the following chart to compensate for altitude.

    Compression Test Altitude Compensation Factors
    Altitude Factor
    500 0.987
    1500 0.960
    2500 0.933
    3500 0.907
    4500 0.880
    5500 0.853
    6500 0.826
    7500 0.800
    8500 0.773

    On the left is the number of feet you are above sea level. On the right is the factor to use when calculating. So lets say your at 3543 (1080 meters) feet above sea level and normally your cylinder would read 140psi at sea level. Take 140 (normal expected compression)x0.907. This would give you an expected reading of about 126 psi on your gauge at altitude.

    Hope this helps and welcome to the Hulk.

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    Thanks Jackofalltrades that helps alot.


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