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    What to do with my spare SL750???

    So I have a 94 sl750 with a bad motor every bolt on it is rusted carbs are a piece of shit and we robbed all the electronics off it to get another ski going, so basically itís the hull, pump gas tank and all that. I hate seeing it just sit there. I want something a little faster than my 750. Ive herd lots of people say donít bother with swaps that itís a waste of money but Iím more about using what I have. So will a 780 be much difference? Could I fit a 1050 in it? Or should I just start looking for a good olí 750 motor to rebuild? It looks like to me a 780 would be just about a direct drop in.

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    780 would drop right in. The domestics won't.

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    Boss up and throw a hyabusa motor in it!

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