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    750SS wont stay running

    I recently acquired a 750 SS that will only run with fuel being poured into the carb. This ski has sit for a long time and I have cleaned out the tank & replaced with good gas. I have changed the check valve and cleaned out the carb and visually cant find anything wrong with it. It just wont keep fuel up to the carb. The pulse tube looks good.All hoses appear fine.If I take off the top hose off the carb and blow into it and "pressureize" the fuel tank, it will stay running.. Compression checks out good on both cylinders.Any ideas for me to try. Thanks....

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    Did you take apart the entire carb or just part of it?

    Did you inspect just one check valve or all of them? On my ski there are two on the fuel pump and one in the carb. If you have two fuel pumps be sure to check both of them. I believe the 750's usually only have one, not sure...

    Be sure to check the diaphrams on both sides of the carb. It will not pump fuel well if at all if there are any tears or holes in them.

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    If it sat... REBUILD your carb, sounds like you've done everything else. 50 bucks and an hour of your time and she will run like a top.

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    Yes ,the entire carb was cleaned. All diaphrams are good on one side but was unable to tell about the inside of the fuel pump because my service manual said dont open it because there are no user serviceable parts inside. Any other ideas?The only check valve I could find comes out of the top of the fuel tank.

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    How can I check the fuel pump to see if its working properly?

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    My service manual says not to open it too but i did it anyway. I don't know why they tell you not to. IMO, if it is "malfunctioning", and you are planning on replacing it, what harm can you do taking it apart to look at it before you buy a brand new one? The worst case scenario, you buy the part you already intended to buy... There is nothing special inside. There is a diaphragm, gasket, and a check valve like the one on the side you can see.

    For me the problem was the check valve inside the fuel pump (where they tell you not to open). It was not closed and had no tension against the hole. All I had to do was bend the little metal flap just a hair to give it tension to create a good seal and it worked beautifully when i put it back together. You will need a security torex screw driver bit to unscrew it.

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    Thanks for the reply, I will open it up and check that, Thanks again...

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