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    polaris sl 650 1995 engine racing

    I rebuilt the carborators and put on a new triple fuel pump. I replaced the needle valves too. I am working well beyond my knowledge at this point. I did not do a pop off test.

    Got it back together and it started up but the motor will race at very high rpms. Tried running just the mag cylinder and it raced right out of the gate too.

    Any suggestions? Do the carbs now need to be adjusted with the new fuel pump? Needle valves not installed correctly? It is like it is running wide open.

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    Air leak or lack of fuel.

    Are the fuel lines filled now? If they're empty, it will run away from you. A.K.A. "death rev"

    Did you use new gaskets under the cartb?

    Are the carb adj screws set to the proper spec for your model and year?

    Are the fuel pump hoses installed correctly?

    Are all hose clamps tight?

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    Thanks for the reply. What is the best way to cap the ends that were chained together coming off the carbs? I tried to make shift something and I think I have a leak there. I poured some gas down the carbs and it started. I will try to prime the fuel lines once I check to make sure the connections are air tight. Does the order from the fuel pump to the carbs matter? I have them hooked up to the correct spot on the fuel pump, but I didn't know if there was a specific port to go to a specific carb?? I didn't touch the carb adjust screws. I did replace the gaskets too.

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    Check my fuel line connections, got some caps at the auto parts store, adjusted the idle speed and things seem better. Still have some fine tuning to do, but not more racing.

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    No, no specific order for the supply lines.

    Just keep the pulse hose as short as possible to keep a strong "signal".

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