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    Does the starter have a gasket? 92 Yami wave 3 wra650

    Hello again folks. In my excitement at getting a wave3 for 250$ i think i might of jumped the gun. I found a wave3 on craigslist for 250$. Seller said he broke a bolt off in the starter and that i would have to pull the motor to replace. He even had a brand new start to go with it. Well, I drilled that bugger out for 6 weekends in a row and got it out. In my excitement to throw the starter in and go skiing i dont recall there being a gasket. I looked at the schematics that every parts retailer has and dont see one. I have been riding the snot out of this for a year and a half now and my last trip out the battery was completely dead in the water. I got towed home. I dead shorted the battery and nothing. I then tested the current going to the battery after a jump and am getting i thing like 4 volts. I didnt check the amps because i read the manual after i tested it but 4 volts doesnt sound right. I am assuming the stator is toast and am wondering if there is supposed to be a gasket at that startor (not stator). I dont want to pull the flywheel and install a new stator to kill that one too. Bottom line question. Does a 92 yami wav3 require a gasket at the starter?(its held on by 2 bolts to the housing like regular auto starters.
    Thank you in advance. Still pretty happy with the almost free ski.

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    o ring seal at the nose where it seals the housing and just back of the bendix/idler gear assembly...
    guessing by the picture in the manuel... about 1 inch diameter ..

    while not the correct fix , silicone would seal this off from water as well ...spread it on the support flange then rebolted...

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    I do recall an o-ring. Cool, now im thinking that stator just died of old age. 92. There is a suspect grommet where the wires enter the crankcase. That doesnt look to be sealed real well at the factory. I guess they dont expect you to get water up that high?

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