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    97 monte carlo 1000

    I bought a monte carlo 1000 used took it out for the first time this weekend it ran perfect for about 2 hrs then i noticed i was at about a 1/4 tank so i headed back to the cove on the way back it bogged down and died as i pulled in, i pulled the seat to see water rushing it at the drive shaft, apparently the clamp Had come loose so i quickly pushed the clamp on and tightened it. Went to restart and to make a long story short it wouldnt, today i got it home changed the plugs and shot starter fluild ( small amount) in the carbs and cylinders to See and got nothing, the it has spark, ??!?!?! Wth im so aggreviated, it did nothing but turn over any ideals, motor was recently rebuilt top end.

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    no one has any ideals on this

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    did u ever get it running, i work on a lot of sharks

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