I started with a 160mm 13/23 pitch and lived with it (to much pitch though...). Then when that prop got banged up i shipped my 155mm 13/24 to impros to be built up to 160mm and repitched to 14/22. That made very little (if any) difference. So i pulled it out and bent it to a 14/19 and picked up 200 rpms (maybe more, limited, testing lot of bouncing). Have I reached the limit of the 24 pitch impeller? Now id like a little more rpm in the summer heat. Would a properly made 14/19 help any?

Cavitation is zero, but the revs arent quite there and im not in the warmest weather or water i will encounter. Bend what i have into a 14/20-1 for the coooold winters i run through. Nozzle is 84.5. I guess the adjustable nozzle is another option.