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    Jet Skiing in France!

    Just recently been to Biarritz and around that area in Southern France, went on the sea Banana boat/Flyfish and Jet skis.

    Has anyone else Jet Skied in France either on their own Ski or a rented one?

    As far as I am aware you can take your own and use it without a License but if you go on a French rental Ski like I did you need an instructor with you.

    And what a waste of time that was, we got 3 Jet Skis for an hour for £200 altogether so was a pretty decent price.

    They were Seadoo 4 Stroke 150 GTIs, no disrespect to them as they were good, they were a lot slower than I thought they would be but we did have 2's up but still slow.

    And with the instructor you have to keep in formation and behind him and everytime you start going fast and jumping waves etc you would get in front of him and he would start going mad like get behind, so im like well go bloody faster then! There was another instructor aswell and some slow people in our group, so instead of using there brains and one instructor went with the slow group and one with the fast, we had to keep waiting, spent half the time idling along.

    So overall yea it was a good trip to see Bilbao in Spain from the sea but as for the Jet Skiing it was a wast of time.

    So frustrating been told to slow down when back at home we can do what we want, I must say the Banana boat/Flyfish was much more fun when it shouldnt have been.

    Has anyone else been in France on their own/or rented and what experience did you have?


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    For a first time...only time you, I'd chaulk it up to a learning experience. There's no way I'd go on a trip planning on renting a ski with the knowledge I'd have to have a baby sitter.

    Thanks for the heads up.

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    sounds awesome yet frustrating at the same time. Ive gone on a few ATV tours in the Western US and always made sure it was experienced riders so we didnt end up in the same boat so to speak

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    Yea I know it was annoying having a babysitter and he was a right nob! It was good though the waters were crystal clear and perfect sized swell. Anyway I will take my own Jet Ski next time anyway.

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