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    96 ZXI 1100, sensor just hanging in the hull? stays at 5800 rpms???

    Update: put the sensor in its hanging place but the ski still running dumpy. Sometimes its running around 5800rpms. Other times its at 4000-4500. When I turn the steering to the right a bit it seems to clear up better but still holds 6000rpm max. If it cut it left the throttle seems to cut out a little and bring me slower till I straighten it out(down to 4000-4500 rpm). Also if its idling and I just punch it 9 times outta 10 it will just stall. And once in a blue moon if I punch it it will pick up and shoot me off. But that's very rare.

    Thanks for any and all help! cant wait to see this thing open up on the water.
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    after further review it seems it may be the air temperature sensor? not the engine sensor? if its just bouncing off of everything and possibly touching some wet spots do you think this would send the ski into a "limp mode"?

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    updated OP with new problems. Going to try and tune the carb to help with the pick up. but i think im still gonna have a problem with the turning power cut and 5800-6000 rpm limit.

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    Yep thats just a temp sensor that advances the timing on really hot days. Your take off stalling issues are probably your low screws turned in or out to far. Check your low and high speed screws and make sure they are at factory specs and go from there. You will probably want to rebuild or atleast clean your carbs. You may want to replace those fuel lines too.

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    Also while on the trailer pull the cover off the carbs and pull the throttle all the way and turn the steering all the way left and all the way right and see if there is any change in the butterflies either direction. Possible to short of cable was installed at one time.

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    thanks for the info. i took it out yesterday. got new fuel filter today and will be checking the screws next. then i am going to dump it back in the water and go from there.

    Would the throttle cut possible have anything to do with the floats in the carb?

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