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    Wetsuit / Gloves recommendations

    Now that I'm out of college I can ride later into the year...any tips on what to look for in a wetsuit and gloves?

    I ride in the bay with occasional ocean riding so I do get wet a lot. Don't plan on riding through December, just maybe until early-mid October type of deal.

    I was wondering if just a Jetpilot jacket would work or something like that.


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    ive got a quicksilver wetsuit.. for riding until late october.. but gloves?? if its on any of those big ol skis you have i dont see a need for gloves??

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    I wear Ripcurl Dawn Patrol 3/4 and Slippery Reform Gloves with Hyperflex 3mm boots. My feet get cold easy because I got frostbite so I will be upgrading to so 5 or 7mm boots for this winter.

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    I was riding with some folks lately that turned me on to kayaking gear. water proof yet much better freedom of movement over a wet suit.
    If I'm back up for some fall riding, I'm definitely giving it a try

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    Water skiing glove I have from academy. Extremely comfortable. 25.00.

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    I got a semi-dry dry suit this past Spring and am throwing my wet-suit away. Much more freedom of movement and versatility in regards to temperature. Also, and this is important, it has a relief zipper so you do not have to piss on yourself when out for long periods of time. Also, at the end of the ride, I get into my car dry and not reeking like a dead flounder. Of course if you do a lot of swimming, they really are not good.

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    I just bought a pair of Jet Tribe gloves....They are very nice..They were a little pricey but seem to be well worth it so far...I dont use them for ridding, I use them for holding at the races. They were 45

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