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    255 supercharger on an 07 rxp 215; possible?

    Hi, I'm new to the seadoo side of the forum, always been a yamaha 2 stroke guy. I just picked up an 07 rxp and the guy told me he replaced the supercharger with the 255 unit. Is this possble? If so, how can I tell? Would anything else need to be replaced? If this mod was indeed made, I need to make sure its been done correctly. Like I said new to the 4 stroke world and any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    The charger from the 255 unit is called an X charger. I will work on your 215 as long as #42 injectors were used also.

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    How can I tell if the charger and injectors were changed? Any definative marks or numbers?

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    Take the intake hose off the supercharger and count the fins. 215 = 6 main blades 255 = 8 blades. Also depending on when he got it, but the metal will be polished on the supercharger intake. As for the injectors, most likely he would want to use 42's (unless he went with a aftermarket ECU) which would be green, but could be any color tho.

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