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    after riding in saltwater

    i took my 1997 1100 to the ocean for the first time. when i was done i flushed with the hose(5min or so) and sprayed down everything but not the motor my ski doesnt get much water in it at all. should i spray the motor and what else should i do when riding in saltwater.

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    Put some dawn dish soup in the hull and spray it around. It does a good job.

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    Flushing the motor for about five minute is good, rinse the hull and everything down, dont really need to rinse the inside unless saltwater got in there, I ride in the ocean 95 percent of the time.... Have no problem yet...

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    salt away works great too.
    I have not tried it yet(thanks for sample) but have heard Fluid Film works great before you hit the water.

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    I always spray my engines down with freshwater after riding in salt. Even though I really don't get much water at all inside the ski from riding, I know that some gets in and that salt will start corroding things. I rinse the entire insides of my skis after a day of riding and the engines still look very good. I've seen some much newer skis that look really bad from their owners not removing saltwater after riding. Really bad!

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