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    RX Bailing Smoke :-(

    Hey all,

    Was out on a wakeboard sesh 2nite when suddenly-i had a loss of power and ski was bailing bluey colour smoke and would cut out if i went above 2k RPM.

    My first thoughts are rings but have been told it might be crank seals and not the rings.

    I shall be compression testing 2mo to see where im at.

    But if anyone has any views or input i would very much appreciate it as wanna get ski back up and running asap-only down side is i have no funds for a big fix-so i could have to wait til i can afford to fix.


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    have now compression tested her

    readings: 120 and 130 psi, its a little low but i think it proves that its the crank seals

    has anyone here changed them before? is it a engine out jobby?

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