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    Has anyone ever sleeved a broken block?

    My local machine shop is confident that he can resleeve my block that has a big chunk missing from Cyl #1. he said that he would use the same type of sleve that is used in Top Fuel dragsters rather than using a 4-tec specific sleeve. He thinks there is still enough block material there to keep the sleeve in place and the sleeve has a flange around the top which will give it extra support. His total bill will be $ 400 (maybe less with cash.) Anybody ever tried this? If I could buy a used block for somewhere in the ball park, I would go that route, but I haven't seen many blocks for sale. I attached the image so you can see what type of damage the block sustained.

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    i have had a block where the cylinder was cracked an warped a little.
    got it welded up bored out and a thicker sleeve put in then bored out again. this was on a cc boat and held up fine.

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    they sell 4 tec sleeves here in the store.

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    theres a block on ebay right now 4 Day left and currently going for $500

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    Personally I look for a good used one I dont think I have trust in the ole yeller there

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    WFT happened??!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfackett0 View Post
    theres a block on ebay right now 4 Day left and currently going for $500
    Saw that and watching it, but it go for much higher than $500.00 by the time the auction is over.

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    Thank so far everyone. Keep them coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psycho rxp View Post
    they sell 4 tec sleeves here in the store.
    Yes, I know, but the idea we are kicking around is using a heavier sleeve since part of the block is broke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GGG View Post
    WFT happened??!!!
    Not sure - I bought it this way.

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