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    Question 2001 Ficht Genesis Hesitation problem

    I have been fighting a hesistation problem for a year now. Over the winter I bought a 1999 Genesis w/o an EMM and fitted it with a 2001 EMM and injector set. That ski runs beautiful.

    You can look at my other posts last year but the 2001 had a magnet go in the flywheel. Since then I have changed new TPS, CPS, EMM off to DFI twice, capacitor, rebuilt harness with bad corroded connections. I have to say I am an expert at the Ficht skis now. I know more about them than I have ever cared to.

    So I have an electronics background so I purchased an oscilloscope. So I set out and disconnected the EMM off the 99 and 2001. I measured every pin and component connected and they all matched with the exception for the Stator on the 2001. Now I know 9 Meg Ohms is very high but I found it between pin 5-8 to ground. With my O-scope, I monitored the 45v and I get 44Vdc and < .2V ripple on the 1999 at the Capacitor. On the 2001, I get 44Vdc and spikes of over 5Vp-p ripple. Yes, I said FIVE Volts p-p spikes. I swapped EMMs between them and the 2001 still had the issue. I even disconnected one injector at a time and measured on my O-scope but it was still the same. I was thinking the electric coil of the of one of the injectors was inducing it back into the 45v.

    Is this a bad stator? Has anybody seen this before.

    When I replaced the flywheel, I removed the stator and inspected it. I saw no physical damage. A new stator is $300. I performed the stator check and I get 7v, 7v, 5v, 5v, and 5v. On my O-scope the waveforms are clean sine waves.

    I was reading on AC ripple on cars 12V and it said if you have more than .5v (4%) ripple causes problems. I am having over 5V ripple spikes on 45v(>10%).

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    So just to be clear, you had a magnet come off the flywheel and that is when your problem started on the 2001? If thats the case, did you change the flywheel key? Sorry, have to ask the obvious. If so, your crank could be out of index if you have verified the stator is within specs.

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    No, didn't replace the key. The key looks fine. I've seen in lawn mowers where the key partially shears but this key is fine. No wear on it.Magnet didn't come off. It cracked in a way where it stayed together and didn't damage anything. CPS and Stator had no physical damage.

    Here is the history of this ski. Ski ran fine when I parked it for the winter. Took it out next April and had major hesistation. After replacing the tps and cps and paid DFI $500 to repair the EMM, it still ran like crap. Finally, I pulled the flywheel and found the magnet. See below.

    The indexing is fine. If the indexing was off it would backfire and run like total crap. This ski will do 6500 rmp and 55 mph without a problem. There is a hesistation from 2500 - 4000 rpm. On my 99 it is smooth like a carb. These 5v spikes are my problem. I have to find out where they are coming from.

    I rebuilt the harnesses on both the 99 and 2001 because I found major corrosion at all splices. I double checked both harnesses yesterday and ohm out fine.

    Just pulled the stator it looks fine but I still think it is the problem. I don't see any physical damage.

    These 5v spikes on the 45v will drive the injectors crazy especially if they happen the time the injector needs to open but what is causing them. I have looked everywhere for any type of crosstalk between the ignition and 45v.
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    Sounds like a K447 special interest item to me.

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    I just bought a stator. we will see what that does for me.

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    K447 or anybody else

    Is the Stator back plate bulletin only for the 1999's? Does the 2001 have the modification? Looking in the bulletins I only saw it under the 1999 Genesis.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	248569I changed the stator and still has the same issue. I am still getting these 5v spikes on the 45v. It almost looks like ignition noise. I am using the correct spark plugs NGK PZFR6H. According to the manual, you will get this type of discharge if you don't use resistor type plugs.

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    I did more troubleshooting. It is ignition noise even with the correct spark plugs. I found my 99 has resistive wires of about 3k ohms and swapping them dampens the spikes to under a volt. According to the manual the Ficht wires should be 500ohms which mine measure. I started troubleshooting by disconnecting an injector and input to the coil at the same time. I found when I disconnect the center cylinder, the spikes went through the roof and the engine would barely run. It didn't make a difference between the MAG and PTO when I disconnected them. The spikes were still there. I physically inspected the coils and it appears the Center and PTO housings are cracked.

    Here is the bad news. I ordered them from Babbits. Babbits called me a day later and said the 586333 have been discontinued by the manufacturer. They said there is no substitution. I don't know if they meant Polaris or OMC. They said to call a local dealer to see if they have any stock. This is a very hard hit for Ficht owners. I found the Johnson/Evinrude 135 use them and ordered them from Crowley marine. We will see if they have them. There are used ones on ebay, but I don't know if I trust them.

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    Well I think I found a substitute but trying to verify for the 586333 OMC coil. It is an OMC 582508. Can anybody verify this?

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    95 people have read this post and 1 has responded. I am talking to myself.

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