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    Is it running hot?

    Just installed a new starter and rebuilt the carbs for my Polaris 1999 SLX. This is my first PWC. The ski start up fine and runs fine, but I notice that when I touch the center cylinder, it's a lot Hotter compare with the PTO and Mag cylinder. The engine is running with a flush kit during this observation. I will use an infared thermometer and post the result later, but is this correct?

    Don't want to blow up the engine up if there is a problem. I removed the heads from the center cylinder and compare it with the PTO cylinder. There were no scoring on any of the cylinder walls. The wash appears to be good.

    Compression on all 3 cylinder is 125.

    Thanks in advance for any advice to a noobie.

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    Here's a picture of the center cylinder and PTO cylinder.



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    Having never paid attention to the temp when on garden hose, so can't comment on your temp observation. Perhaps someone will.
    Your jugs cooling channels look clean, don't think there's cooling issue there. Maybe the head was on backwards? The side that's marked EX should be on exhaust side.
    You could run the engine dry for 10 - 15 seconds see if they warm up the same. If not, try running one cylinder at a time and see what their idle RPMs are, then make adjustment to get them as close to each other as possible.

    Center wash is rich
    PTO is also rich, but that's where I'd like to be at.

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