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    Heads Off give me your opinions plz

    So heres the head off the 96 xp800

    Hers the matching stain on the block.

    Now I also found the sprak plug orings looking like this.

    Just replaced all hoses cleaned internal carb filters and selector switch as well as the water sperator. Drained and replaced old fuel. She starts great , after I put the flush kit on after first starting the doo it idles great too. Now the problem is, after I shut the water off and then shut the Doo off she wont refire. When I first bought it wouldnt start in the water but on the trailer np. I pull the plugs and the pto seems to smell funny, kinda dampish if that doesnt sound too weird. Let me know what you guys think.

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    Looks like the O-ring is gone.
    I can't tell by the pics if the head is scard or not. If it is you will have to take a couple thousands off of it (machine shop), just have them take off enough to make it right. I have had to do this before. Usually it looks much worse than that. you are lucky that you did not hydrolock that cylinder, that is a mess!!

    What did the plug O-rings look like?

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    The orings look gummed up with sludge.

    Can I just flat bar the two head pieces and if they check out reseal with new o-rings and anarobic sealer?

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