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    Buying a 02 GTX DI, basket case or good ride?

    I am looking at an 02 GTX Di, looks pretty good, needs a top end and probably fuel pump rebuild...(heard that was the issue with these)

    Is that all it is to these things is the fuel pressure?

    What else is there to watch for that might bite me in the arse!?


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    Quote Originally Posted by kjudd69 View Post

    What else is there to watch for that might bite me in the arse!?


    uhh..just about everything..unless you are in the trade or love to tinker..I'd take a pass on the ski unless it was under $500 with a great trailer. You could make some money parting it, as undamaged di engine cases command big bucks, electrics run a close if the ski is nice cosmetic shape...

    you need a diagnostic setup to hope to solve any problem on that ski. I can suggest the for $400 it gives you the ability to read fault codes, make keys and pretty much see what is going wrong with a DI. Without that level of is expensive guesswork.

    did I say take a pass?

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    Thanks Pete,

    I have a BUDS, I work on skis and have run into some pretty big challenges.
    I figure I have avoided them long enough and might as well figure them out , it becomes valuable knowledge.
    There are a bunch of RXDIs and GTXDis out there still.

    Hopefully I end up with a good project and not a flower pot!

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