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    something tells me theres no fixing this (gpr display)

    the display had quite a bit of moisture when I bought the ski - looked a little something like this:

    being a forever hopeful newb I removed it hoping to dry it out enough that maybe I could at least get the hours off of it if it would clear up a little I removed it and opened the back (I was thinking for once in my life and did it over the sink thank god)

    I guess the moral is if you develop condensation in your display, you better dry it out and re-seal it asap

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    Try sealing it up in a plastic bag with rice and/or some of those silica packs that come in stuff shipped from overseas.

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    Trying to dry with rice is not going to fix that. Most likely there will be shorts due to the corrosion, so drying will not fix that. You would have to open it and clean the circuit board (I don't even know if it is possible to open it). If you a lucky and there are no corroded parts/wires, it *may* work.

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    it had cleared up some this morning, looks like the screen is shot, I'll blow it out with some compressed air tonight but it looks like the its black all at the bottom (again, guessing from what little I can see behind the condensation). Ive also got some MAF safe electrical parts cleaner, worth a shot but dont see it helping

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    I have a beat down display I will be messing with soon, I'll let you know if I have any luck in bringing it back from the dead.

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