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Thread: WB2 help

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    WB2 help

    I've been searching like crazy and found only a couple answers, Im looking for a bit more top speed out of my WB2 without modding the engine, where can I get a trim setup or modify my steering nozzle, i know i can shim the ride plate a bit to get it out of the water a little, anything else for the WB2?? Does the pisser take away from the pump pressure enough to slow it down at all is it worth blocking off?

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    as with any ski the smoother the water flow the better..

    look at the alinement of the plate .. is it flush with no large gaps to disturb flow ?
    washers can be used to level and descrepencys..use silicone and fill the gaps where the hull meets the sides

    just how flat is your cast ride plate ? some need milling or surfacing to be true..

    gaps in your grate surfaces dont generally cause concern ,but every bit helps.. use silicone to fillet these and smooth those tines or scoops if rough...

    how well does your impeller fit the pump ? if worn ,more gap will let water past the blades and slow you down..

    lastly when all set up with plate angle correct fill all your bolt holes with silicone .( they are a bioth to clean) when filleted smooth give some remarkable flow advantage over unfilled holes..

    nozzels can be modifyed for speed usually by going to a smaller restrition ( bottom side : holeshot is decreased)

    start with these and then more can be addressed..

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    Blaster has a lot of potential with a protec plate and moflow grate ,stock plate is to short in chop

    solas impeller does pretty good for what it is, lot of hull in the water, porpoises to much with a full tank and stock plate motor always pulls hard stock, basic engine work is really where its at to increase performance,

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    thanks for the replies guys, what nozzle are you refering to the steering nozzle? I'd like to have it trimmed up alot or maybe use a wedge but I cant find a wedge for this machine. I have a 95 spx with trim all the way up and adjusted as much as possible and it pulls the nose right out of the water!

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    if im remembering correctly the b2 has the 144 pump..protec made a nozzel that gave you more flow as it was not as sharply 'bowled'...
    you can also try the wetwolf adjust-a- thrust..I have one on the gp and it works well, by being an adustable length cone..
    I am asking as I dont know..Does the B2 have the QTS like the GPs??
    My thought that if not, It may be some thing you could add that would certianly give you trim up or down ...

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    I Dont know much about this machine yet Ive been seadoo guy for 3 years and just got this yamaha this year, is QTS the trim setup? if it is I dont have any trim at all the steering nozzle just sticks out straight. What nozzle are you talking would give more flow the steering nozzle?

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    look at a gps system and see if it will retro fit ( i think it will iff the B2 has the 144

    Nozzel: no,its the 'bowl' nozzel,4 bolts onto the end of the pump just after the stater hub,not the steering/directional nozzel ..
    once you have qts, you could then get the metal sho steering nozzel ,will retro fit on a GP, (Keep the oval shape dont have it milled round for volumn, it will have more thrust over stock and be metal not plastic..) .. it is a smaller outlet factory than the gp's.. (not sure of diameter opennings of the stock b2 ,so you would have to measure to see if it would be to your advantage..)

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    wow this is looking pretty expensive lol my 95 seadoo spx 657 runs 7mph faster than my wb2 and is bone stock, looks like im going to have to sell her and look for another 95 xp800 if I wqanna go fast lol thanks for all the info I appriciate it but there no way im gonna reach 58mph without spending $2-3k

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    the way a wb2 hull is even with an 1100 dropped in you aren't gonna reach 58mph.

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    gah, guess its time to sell lol!

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