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Thread: fouling plugs

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    fouling plugs

    i noticed im fouling a plug at least once durring every time i ride (5-6 hrs).
    is this normal for a 2 stroke? i've seen some people here say they NEVER foul plugs.
    is there a way to adjust the amount of oil going into the cylinder? i don't want to mess it up!
    thanks and ride safe...................ed

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    firstly whats the ski?

    ok start with the easiest:

    have you done a compression test?

    if all ok, then i would cut back the ht lead and put in a new plug.

    if its still happening its time to look at needle seat/carbs etc.

    if that comes back ok

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    It sound like your oil pump needs it be adjusted. When I got my first seadoo back in 94 they had the oil turn up for the break in. After the first serves they adjusted it back. Plus you eat Threw allot of 2 Stroke oil until it done. There properly a thread on how to adjust yours. The mechanic at my dealer ship told me how to do it about 10 years ago. I forgot it been so long.

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