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    APE pipe and psi twins for sales (xp 96)

    pipe APE 800 cc --- 75$

    all item are pefect!
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    I have a interest in the pipe,just picked a 96 XP with several mods, head, carbs, waterbox,but had a stock pipe.I think somebody may have swapped it out at one time. Not sure what all is needed to make it happen. is the ecwi needed ?

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    all item for sale!

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    hey do you still have the psi pipes can you let me kno
    thanks tim

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    what is a ape pipe

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    Picture please. Is this yellow pipe?

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    it has been a while but I think they stood for Arizona Performance Engineering. They had the best sea doo pipe for the 720 back in the day.
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    what is a ape pipe

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    good pipe REC for xp800.

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