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    2001 xlt cavitation?

    To start I am new so I hope I am posting this right. I looked forever for someone with the same issues but couldn't find a good thread.

    I just picked up a 2001 xlt 1200 with 75 hours on it. Compression check showed all cylenders were withing 5psi. Ski runs good except around 15mph. It takes off ok but when the nose lifts the water you can feel something slipping. I am assuming it is cavitation. It will pull out of it and then the ski picks up speed and does fine. The other day I was looking under the ski and noticed the gasket foam haning down. Click image for larger version. 

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    I think there is more going on than this but its a start. I am looking for some advise on how and where to start checking. Can someone point me to a good book or write up on how to check the gap between prop and pump housing?

    Thanks in advance,

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    almost looks like someone shimmed the pump shoe with washers...or maybe the bolts are backing out of the hull through the inserts? Someone else will chime in, but that doesn't look right.

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    After looking some more I was able to find this good thread on how to check the impeller gap. I am sure my gap is larger than spec just from looking at it... I will measure and report back.

    Thanks for the heads up. I will dive deeper into the shoe issue.

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    First off, congrats on the ski! I would say either way you will need to get or make a pump plug kit, so I would purchase one for your boat or use the casting resin as found in some of the "make your own PPK threads" Pull off that grate and shoe and then you'll be able to see if there are any loose bolts, shims, or other funny buiness going on. If it all looks okay then install your PPK, take it back on the water and see if you've made any headway. If you still have an issue, then you've at least discounted the shoe and can move onto checking the prop. If your ski is completely stock then I wouldn't think anything under here was changed. Lastly, hows the overall condition of the ski because looking at the bottom things look super clean (minus the dangling foam)

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    Thanks for the tips on the ppk. I understand the concept better thanks to this write up.

    The ski is in alright condition. The outside has some sun fade on the plastic but no body damage. The inside looks clean and doesnt appear to have been worked one (all of the bolt heads look like they have never seen a wrench). It starts easy and runs good (minus the above issue). Looks to be a stock ski so I would be supprised if someone had shimmed the pump shoe.

    I will be digging into it this weekend and also checking the impeller gap.

    So much to learn... Thanks again.

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    An unsealed pump shoe is causing all the cavitation. The felt strip is also visible hanging down from the rear of the pump shoe. check the pump shoe inserts as well.

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    pull pump shoe and put a pump seal kit in it riva or fill all the voids with 3m 5200 let it dry 24 hours at least reinstall and seal it back in hull with 100% silicone first thing .then look at wear ring they have a stainless steel liner mounted in aluminum friction and heat will warp it and cause it to warp and seperate from aluminum 99 and 2000 have a 1mm liner 2001 and up have a 1.5 mm houseing still warp . look at trailing edge of prop for cavitation burns look at both sides of liner insert for seperation or burn marks in housing if so replace housing with riva solid stainless steel housing and put a solas concord 13 19 prop proublem solved

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    Well the pump seal kit worked and fixed the cavitation. Did the XLT's come stock like this or has something been done to mine?

    Thanks again for all the help.

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    How they come. Just those little strips of felt. Great to hear you got things figured out.

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