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    The MOST out of my 900 STX

    New to GH, just wanted any1's opinion on perf upgrades or just general info about my 900. She's a beaut & in great shape, low hours & runs fine by my standards. I can get it to about 55-56 on a nice calm water day. Is that about where it should run, I always use premium fuel & Pennzoil Syn.

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    55 is good for that model. They went to the 1100 to get more speed. Perhaps the most improvement for the money would be a different impeller (I couldn't tell you which one).

    Your 'Ski doesn't require premium fuel (unless the compression has been changed). 87 works fine.

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    Is that GPS speed I have a low hour 2000 STX 900 and the most I can get out of it is 45MPH max and I only weight 170.

    I first tried a new stock impeller and then a KF-SC-I Solas Kawasaki 900 16/21 impeller a little difference in hookup but no more speed.

    Not sure how yours is running 55 if the motor is stock?

    If i could get 55Mph I would hang onto theis ski because it runs and looks great but at 45Mph I am looking for a new one next year.

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    I spent lots of time on 900STX and the 55 mph top speed sounds too optimistic because as I remember it topped out at high 40's. It should be verified with GPS. I can adjust the speedo wheel position and can make that 900 to go 65 mph if I wanted to.

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