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    trouble with sltx 1050

    Hello - I am quite new here and have only posted a couple of times. I don`t think I have enough posts to do the classifieds yet so will ask a question here.
    My 96 quit on me after only a few hours this year. Everything checks out (according to a reliable mechanic) except the cdi unit which, he says, can`t be tested. he is sure that this is the problem. Anyone help in this regard as to where I could get one or an alternate solution.

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    You need to know what part # CDI you have in there now.

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    it is 4060170 - the original one - I may be able to get one numbered 4060137.
    thanx - any suggestions...

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    Yes that is the original CDI-replaces the '96 CDI # 4060137.
    There is a newer version # 4060180 that will also work.

    It's recommended to install the more reliable "update kit" #2873091 (CDI and stator)
    It costs $306 here;

    Unfortunately the parts list has a warning symbol next to it, Polaris has been discontinuing stuff, you should call to see if they have it.

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    casey67 - got 1 ordered from them - thanks for the lead.

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    another this kit easy to install in my yard or do I have to find a tech. I can do most things but don't want to start pulling the major components off without a service manual.
    Should be receiving my kit in a few days - thanx

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