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    Let the debate begin....

    Ok, so here is a couple of race's to ponder over.

    First I have a 2011 RXT-X 260 that I put against a 2010 Kawasaki Ultra 260.
    We had several races and I could take it out of the hole and on the top end. His seemed to top out at around 66-67 (on my speedo) and I could get up to 70 on mine. Even on the starts he could not sit still so he would be moving on the "GO". Both of us were full of fuel and the chop was light.

    I have recently added the SCOM, R&D grate, and had the Solas 15/22 prop repitched to 12.5/21 by the question is...

    How will I fare out against a 2011 Kawasaki 300? How fast are they really?
    And, how would I do against a stock 2009 Yamaha FZR? How fast are they?

    What do YOU guys think??

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    You have not mentioned 4" air setup, without it the ski is choked way down........ With it and everything you posted you SHOULD be at 74-75 mph in good water, good weather conditions.

    The Ultra's do well in the ocean chop, but you should beat every pwc you mentioned with ease.

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    I know lol, its the next thing on my mod list. I ran on the weekend and see that my rpm's are hovering around 7800 so I will have to get some more air in there.

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