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    VXR vs Sea Cow IS 260 Limited

    So after a few weeks of trying to talk my boss into buying a Ski he finally went out and bought one.. and went Big Indeed!

    He got the SD GTX IS Limited 260... Pretty sure this thing is the most spensive Ski Ever?

    So I am curious if I will be able to hang with it on the VXR.. Mine is still stock

    He weighs 180 -- Boat weighs 950 -- 260 horse -- 4.34 pounds per HP
    I weight 280 -- Boat weighs 730 -- 180 horse -- 5.61 pounds per HP

    By the numbers I should get smoked pretty bad ... Has anybody ridden a newer SC GTX that give some feedback on how quick those beasts are? I know the VXR has a lot smaller footprint but don't know how much that helps when your outgunned in the engine compartment....

    We will race and I will report back.. But I don't think it will let him go all out until there's 10 hours on the clock.... But the smack talk is strong already

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    He will beat you.

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    Dam I would like to see results I have raced an RXT-X 255 in my VXS with a 190 pounds dude on it and beat him both skis bone stock and I weight 220 I also saw a vid on youtube of the same race just the vxr had the R&D stage one package...also the water conditions gonna make a huge difference if is a bit choppy you are screwed

    here is the vidhad no luck embedding it)

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    considering what he paid for that thing and regardless of the performance on these two skis, let me give you a tip; you might want to think twice about pissing off your boss.

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    Keep yourself happy at work and let him win. He's your boss for Christ..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogi View Post
    Keep yourself happy at work and let him win. He's your boss for Christ..........
    X2! I try to avoid my boss whenever I can. Can't imagine spending a Sunday at the lake with him. LOL

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    I remember that test
    you will beat him from 20mph and up. he's beat you out of the hole, but not by much.
    Oh, and what Yo said goes double for me-since it's your boss, feather the throttle a little bit-let him beat you by a nose.....
    but, as you say, water conditions and the air conditions will play a big part. if it's hot and humid, he's got you, as he makes boost, and you don't.

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    Well me and the boss are pretty good friends and constantly talk chit throughout the day.. So the last thing I'm going do is play dead.. I already told em he's gonna be pist when my cheap (sorta) Non-Supercharged Yamaha walks that $17 thousand dollar pig. I've already started calling it the Buick...

    His excuse for getting it was "That suspension will be better for my bad back" LOL ... But being a business owner he is far from hurting for cash... It is pimp tho, I can't wait to take it for a spin.

    I am half tempted to go out with the low fuel light on when we run them.. The water stays flat till about 9 AM at the lakes we ride at.

    That video played a part in me deciding to buy the VXR

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    I got two VXRs and my uncle has the 201 or 2009 GTX 255 with suspension (the khaki and black one). When we raced my brother-in-law was on my VXR with the R&D performer kit minus the ride plate, and I was on mine with all the Riva Cold Air Intake, Riva Ribbon Delete, Riva free flow exhaust (non-through hull) R&D Scoop, and during that race two rear spacers on the ride plate.

    As previously posted, on calm waters both the VXRs beat him, but we raced a couple of times in the main channel which is a lot choppier on our lake and he'd beat us.

    On your stock VXR on calm water... I really don't know man its gonna be close. My guess is he'll prob take ya 7 outta 10 times. Just try to not lose your hook up and you'll give him his moneys worth. Also, your exactly right never keep more than 5 gallons in it while your racing!

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    I ran against that very machine just last week, and you will beat him in calm water.

    You should be 2-3 mph faster.

    We did not run from a dead stop, but from rolling starts, the VXS is faster. 3 runs in a row, had no problem pulling away from him. You do have to keep it hooked up, of course

    We were running in light chop, and I had a half tank. No idea what the seadoo had.

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