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    Looking for a new boat, Cant decide

    I am looking for a new boat, most likely the challenger family, I am stuck with the 230 se, I am not sure to get the 430hp or the 510hp supercharger? Any ideas? I am new to this forum, Thank you, any will be great.

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    Im so dissatisfied with my speedster 200 430hp ,its fast but only in flat water ,miner hull stresscracks ,rusting pistons on rear hatch,the bolts that hold the cleats are rotting .its a 2008 with 50hrs on it . Still owe 30k on it couldnt get 24k for it . good luck look at other makes if you plan on riding in everyday water.

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    I have a speedster 150 that I use frequently. It's an 07 and is brand new in condition. A great everyday run around boat. It has held up very well.. We take the time to wipe it down after each ride and store it with the cover on to prevent sun rot. Overall we are very pleased with it.

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    I have a speedster 200 430hp and love it. I take very good care of it and yes the rear lift struts have some surface rust as would any strut in a salt water boat thats not stainless. Its not great in rough water but its a jet boat not a gulf worthy center console fishing boat. Man I cant imagine how pissed you would be if you would have bought a I/O boat with a mercruiser! (cast iron car engine that rusts to pieces in no time) The 230 challenger is a VERY nice machine I wish the hull on my speedster were more like the 230. 510hp ALL THE WAY! How many people have you talked to that say " man this boat has too much HP I sure wish I had less of it" extra HP is always a plus!

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    Just rememeber two supercharged engines... that's alot of fuel cost...

    What's the consumption on the 215 @ WOT vs the 255?

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    I Love my '07 S150. Does everything I want it to. Although with 4 People, it is a lil Cramped.

    It's in Showroom Condition, but that's because it is Cleaned Properly after each Use.

    If you don't keep things Clean and take care of them, of course they are going to go to Hell Fast.

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    I seriously recommend if your considering a Speedster 200, take it for a ride first...You wont be happy....It is a FLAT water boat only...Even a FART RIPPLE in the water sends it bouncing and hoping out of the water..I would seriously recommend the 210 or 230 Challenger...I rode in a 230 Wake with the 510 and it is impressive!!!! if I could afford the $$$$$$ I would have one

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    I have a 210 challenger 430 se great boat handles good in all water and dam does it pull out of the hole!!!! Stick with the challenger family

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    I own a speedster 200 and will say the Challenger 210 and 230 are much better hulls for the chop but have more drag and dont cut as sharp as the Speedster 200. I came from a speedster 150 so if you ask me the 200 does light years better in chop than the 150. Anyway he is looking at the 230 and if you ask my opinion go with the 510hp! at 30mph cruise they are going to be close in fuel consumption when compared to the 430 model but the 510 will have more pull and more top speed.

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