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    701cc Yamaha Electrical Problems, please help!


    I have a 94 Yamaha WaveRaider 701cc which I love and it has been incredibly reliable. However, I was out last weekend and it suddenly turned off as if the lanyard had been removed. After a few tries it started back up, ran fine, but then died again. The behavior persisted over the weekend, it would run fine and cut out. Right after it cuts out its usually difficult to start up again, sometimes taking a few minutes. It will turn over fine, but won't catch. Then eventually it will catch and run fine. I'm guessing its something electrical, but I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on where to start looking? CDI? etc.

    Any help is greatly appreciated,

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    the wireing connector between the switch and the engine feed are a sourse of intermitant prob , along with a shorting kill switch (this usually going to ground with water intrusion)..
    some times just working the switch a few times will clear it out and is useable, until more water gets in...
    as a raider is a 'wet' running ski thats where i would look first..

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    I had a Blaster I do the same thing. Cleaned and rebuilt the carb, then ruled that out. Checked the stator, it was fine. Swapped out my CDI, and it fixed the problem.

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    the next time it does it check to see if it is firing on the plugs if it is then i would clean the carbs. and rule them out. Hope this helps Jerry

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    if it is lean bad carb are check valve or having alot of the old resister caps going bad .and cdis disconnect black 2 pin plug and see if it keeps running thi is the kill curcuit it will not shut off till pluged back up be carefull if it runs fine replace the start stop switch on handelbar clean the other plug it is the start curcuit.dieing can be a relly lean condition piston trying to seize cools down and it will run again .check all grounds in box clean them. a bad starter ground .is the numer 1cause of cdi failind but it will usally stop fireing all together.check compresion make sure ypu have tank pressere and flowin fuel system fuel valve and fuel filter .yes rebuild carbs are carb

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    I have a 94 wr3, after finding my killswitch was corroded, pitted in the copper surfaces, and springs were flat, i replaced with a universal killswitch and rewired it to be located next to fuel display. the very next weekend the stop button shorted out. this was fixed with taking it apart and stretching the spring a bit to give more resistance in the open position.

    one way to check is to disconnect the white/black connector over your fuel tank, this disables both the killswitch stop and the button stop. if it runs, youve narrowed down the problem and can proceed. be ready to stop the motor another way though if you disable the stop switches.

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