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    02 virage : tcw3 or API-tc oil????

    No markings on my filler cap. Ashless or low ash??? What's required?

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    Really? Does nobody know what additive package Polaris requires in 2 stroke oil?

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    TCW III. Any oil with that designation and is designed for injection should be fine. An ideal oil would be Evinrude XD-50 since it's spec'd specifically for the FICHT/E-tec injection systems.

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    Thanks, my virage is carb'd. But wanted to Check on the additive pkg.
    Thanks for the response.

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    This is a great thread started by PolarisNut regarding oils in PWC applications

    I personally have an 01 Virage (700cc carb) which I use Mercury Marines' QuickSilver-PWC.......its API-TC spec'd and available at WallyWorld in both petro and full synthetic form.

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    You can get by using either type of oil, but I prefer to use the TC class oil, since it is for use in higher output engines.

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