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    Angry 01 xlt1200 - how do I replace the speed sensor assembly?

    wires are frayed right where they go into the paddle assembly and not repairable

    Ive got the cable out of the boat but theres just one problem:

    how the hell do I get this apart and still be able to re-use everything? The replacement I bought doesnt have this whole assembly so I ass-u-me it can be done..I suppose I could de-pin it and remove the wires but surely theres a better way

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    nope..there need a little pick to release the pins and apparently its better to do that when its in the main part of the hull and then you dont have to completely disassemble the water tight plug at the back

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    When you put it back in the plug housing just make sure the tab you pushed down with the pick is back out so it will snag the housing and not back out.

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    Yup, should be able to remove the wires, unpin them but remember where they go when putting them back in the plug.

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