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    Question 01 xlt1200 with stuck reverse handle

    as mentioned before this thing sat outside for 3-4 years... the handle appears to be stuck about halfway up. The reverse bucket is missing (got a replacement) but it almost looks like maybe the threaded rod where you would connect everything to the bucket got snapped. The handle will only move a little each direction, as soon as the gears make contact with the arm thats all itll do.

    Ive sprayed PB in both the gear mechanism and where the silver rod meets the red cable (lifted up the rubber boot)

    any advice on getting this freed up and working? Its pretty much ready to hit the water once this is done

    thanks once again for any help/ideas (im prepared to replace the whole damn setup if need be)

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    Have the same identical problem. Bought a ski without the reverse gate on it. Cable is seized. Replacement cable is the most hassel free way. If the cable is rusted you will spend so much more time trying to work it free. And since it is about 7 ft long it will take forever to get the PB through it. I'd bite the bullet and buy a $30 cable off ebay. Save yourself the headache. And potentially you may never get it freed and what is to prevent it from rusting shut again?

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    I dont know what I was thinking last night, as recommended I'll disconnect the cable at the handle, make sure it operates ok and if so pickup a cable


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    If the gate is missing then you should be able to hit the water with no issues untill you get your cable replaced and get the gate back on. You simply wont have reverse.

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    Bumping an old thread because I found a solution fixing the frozen / stuck reverse on the 2001 XLT 1200. It can result in a broken reverse assembly if it is too frozen, so be aware.

    First, disconnect the cable at both ends to ensure that it is not frozen.

    Second, study the reverse handle. There is a hinge point accessible from outside the ski. Spray that pivot point and the entire reverse gear assembly with PB blaster. Do this a few times and let it sit for a while.

    Third, take a pry bar and from outside the craft, carefully pry the lever upwards. If you cannot get 1/2 inch of travel then the assembly probably needs to be removed and serviced.

    Fourth, just work to increase the range-of-motion slowly, pry up, push down - spray many times and repeat until you have a smooth and full range of motion.

    My ski was a barnacled saltwater lady and I was able to free all cables and levers using a bunch of penetrating fluid, some patience, and leverage.

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