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    Gp1200r cart/stand bunks??

    Questions about a building a cart to hold gp1200r
    So I just picked up a project gp1200r and need a way to move it around the garage and work on it a little easier.

    I built a cart out of spare wood I had laying around and it turned out pretty good. The only question I have is how it sits on the bunks of the trailer.

    I don't have a trailer to compare it to and just want to make sure I'm not putting extra stress on the hull.
    The bunks are 2x4 laying flat and the gpr has the outside "fins" sitting flat on it.
    The bunks are are 60" long. Is that long enough for the ski?

    Does that make sense? Is that ok?
    This is my first ski and just want to make sure its supported well enough.

    Thanks for any insight guys

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    Sounds like your on the right path. The Chines the wood is sitting on are pretty strong and will easily support the dead load. No worries. And as long as its centered the 60" length will be fine

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    2 You can have a look at what Carl has been building

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    On my trailer I made new bunks an actual 2" thick for more strength and less bowing, and put a 45 degree bevel on one top edge, about an inch wide, so the bunks could sit flat with the bottom of the GPR.
    I did this because the bunk was beginning to wear a a place on the chines.

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    heres a pic of one I made
    Im thinking about building a few
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