just as the title says, we are looking to get a second ski to acompany out 03 fx140.

i have narrowed it down to an 04 rxp 215 pr an 03/04 gp1300r. both skis have about the same hours, 50-75, and are priced around the same amount. I am just wondering which is the more reliable setup with 500-600 added to each for reliability mods (wave clips, metal washers, etc)

I only ride in the ocean and its gets kinda of choppy out there sometimes.....no glass runs for me except maybe right at sunset here or there. I may take it to a lake once or twice a year at max.

I recently jumped on my buddy's older gp1200 and after 5 minutes i was ready to get off. i felt like my fillings were going to rattle out. it really beat me up and would not be looking for a ski that handled the same way.

i like to jump some waves and do my little donuts and 180s, play with the other skis and cruise out to the sand bars, but no "real racing" for me

i would take a passenger maybe 30-40 percent of the time.

i like the idea of another 4stroke and never have to worry about not having oil for the day but if you guys think the yamaha is the way to go i guess ill make due.

my main thing is reliability, dont mind doing maintenance, but dont want to be hauling it to the shop for repairs all the time. right not we log about 6-10 hours a weekend on our fx140.