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Thread: 65.3 mph...

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    65.3 mph... all I was able to get out of my '09 FZR the other day, regardless of trim position or riding position.

    I know that 65 mph is supposed to be the maximum top speed allowed by agreement with the US Coast Guard for stock skis, but many here seem to have skis that run faster than that. The fastest I've ever run (GPS) was 66.6, but that was last year.

    Should I be concerned?

    I will say that my ski has felt just slightly slower (acceleration and top speed) since the 10 hour service (now at 47 hours), but I can't imagine what could have happened during that service to cause the drop in performance.

    Any ideas where that extra 1.3 mph might have gone?

    (weather, water temp, etc. were very similar for the run last year and the one the other day. If anything, it was cooler during the most recent run...)

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    You must of had a big breakfast that day. I am not for sure but the us cost guard gps thing is on 2010 in newer and I thought only on seadoo. But don't hole me to that. I think the deal ship might have dial the ski down when it was in the shop.

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    whats the elevation of your riding area?

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    check ur oil ive heard if ur past the limit that slows u down so take some out if ur past

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    Could be a lot of things. Air temp, water temp, heat soak, wind speed, baro pressure (elevation like said already). How good was the gas? If the gas happened to be a little old or deteriorated / contaminated (and not just from sitting in your ski, I mean at the station too or refinery) then you may not notice until your WOT and the cpu backs off on boost or advance because a little ping detection going on.. Prop ding, baby diaper wrapped around the propshaft ? When did you clean your air filter and check the debri filter last ?

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    Was the level of fuel the same ? Gas is about 6 lbs per gallon.

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    My 09 FZR with 7 hours on the clock doesn't go over 60mph ... i should worry as well then ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CherryBay View Post
    My 09 FZR with 7 hours on the clock doesn't go over 60mph ... i should worry as well then ?
    I would. Take it in.

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    I've seen 69mph fzr at sea level 80*F, Bone stock. if your not in high elev. at least 67mph. Also weight,trim,rider position ,wind,humidity make a difference

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    Elevation is 685'.

    Fuel level was nearly full, and had just filled up at my usual spot.

    No wind to speak of.

    It's just a little disappointing, is all. Still love the ski...

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