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    help! has anyone done this

    i have moisture in my info center on my 03 gtx sc. has anyone every tried drilling two maybe three small holes to let the moisture get out and then cap them with some silicone or something? cant figure out how to get the info center out and dont want to break it
    Any info/help/ideas will be great!

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    First, you need to vacumm it. put the unit in a closure containner, make a hole and stick your vacumm hose in there. Turn the vacumm on to suck the moisture out (you can use a plastic bad and stick a long and skinny tube through the bag and suck it from there). Where you think that you suck most of the moisture, get you some of the moisture desiccant absorbent (you will find this tuff in the box of most electronic items) and place them in the sealed containner. this stuff will absorb the moisture that presents in the container, which comes from your cluster. If you don't find any of this stuff, buy some rice, the cooking rice that you will find in any asian stores, sam's, or costco. Put the unit in a container, fill it with rice, seal it, and let it sits for couple of day, the rice will absorb the moisture from the unit.
    Good Luck.

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    any other ideas!

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