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    Anybody good with the MSD enhancer settings on a 787????

    Okay plugged my 96xp into the seadoo dealer MPEM tool to read the base timing. I did this with the MSD enhancer already installed and set on the stock settings.

    It comes up as a #2 which is +3-- a stocker is usually at #5 which is -1. (What does this mean I am at +3 degree's of advance?)

    I am trying to tune in my MSD enhancer. MSD in the instructions says put timing tape on the PTO and rev to like 2500 and see what the timing is, problem is I have a shaved down light PTO timing tape will not work. Now since I have that MPEM tool can I just go off of that to tune the boat MSD enhancer in?

    So is my baseline timing plus three degree's? Looking to run some more timing once I start to run race fuel. Also looking for some more power.

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    any thoughts>?

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    leave it alone it runs good, Lets get mine running right!

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    Seems the email I sent you was incorrect. I was talking to Wayniac (here on greenhulk) he said to piggy back it to the MPEM instead of replacing it and you don't have to worry about base timing.

    How do you have your Enhancer installed? Did you just plug the 2 plugs in? Did you use the rest of the wires?

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    base timing on mpem has no impact with msd in.

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    Alright MSD is sending me some free timing tape.

    My MPEM is still installed. The only thing I removed was the CDI.

    So what should I do just play with limited or stock settings?

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    too much advances timing goes kill the top speed!stock timming for best around performance

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    make it look like the old racer #5 curve

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