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    1988 Waverunner fuel line size????????????

    Hey all. Was wondering what the factory size fuel line is for this model? Looks like some mice have chewed into it and I'm out by the water right now. Nothing close to go buy some, so I have to order on the internet. Thanks for help.


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    I just replaced all of mine with some 1/4 gas line with good hose clamps on all connections. I got 12 feet from my local Advance, and was just enough to do the whole thing once I re-routed the fuel filter location a bit. If you are going to do all the in-tank hoses and such as well, I would get more like 16 feet so you have plenty plus some extra.

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    thanks for the help!

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    it is actually metric and a touch smaller than 1/4 id hose...

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    Yah I know its metric but 1/4 inch line is much easier and quicker to obtain. With some good quality clamps it shouldn't be an issue.

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    I went with 1/4 too. Hair larger than stock but much easier to get

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