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Thread: 951 case's

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    951 case's

    this might of been asked but i could not find it.

    does it matter what year the case is or what it came off of as long as its a silver non DI case

    what i got is a 98 gsx limited with the 947/951 silver case (carbs)

    but what years of cases work with it? I do know that the Di and white cases will not work. but other than that im lost...

    also if ya got a cheap case let me know Hint Hint LOL


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    I am not sure about the years of cases. But I was told that the cases are match top and bottom from the factory. I am not sure if this is a fact. But I remember hearing someone saying that because someone was trying to mix match cases. Sorry I couldn't help. Air born might known. maybe ask him.

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    thanks for the info. that makes a little sence

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    If you find a top and bottom case that dont match, its possible to make them work im sure by line boring them at a machine shop and having them decked.... wouldnt be cheap though

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