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    Computer video card question

    Going to put a video card in a tower for a friend a he is adamant that it be an ATI card. I wanted to put a GeForce in it as that is all I have ever used but he says that since he has an AMD processor and ATI video chipset on the MOBO then the card needs to be ATI also or the drivers will clash. Is he right? If you need to know it is running Win7 64 bit.

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    total BS, now if he wants to run in crossfire mode (AMD's SLI) then yes both cards have to be ATI/AMD cards depending on the chipset. I had a Nvidia 7300GT on my socket 939 for years before I upgraded to 4870. Everything works fine. Then took the craptastic old ATI card from my grandfathers Pentium 4 mobo and slapped my old 7300GT in it. All you have to do is remove the old drivers, and install the new ones. Check the manuf website for the latest and greatest driver package

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    Yeah your friend is wrong. You can use nvidia GPU in a single slot. You could even use multi GPU in non SLI mode... Like to run Folding@Home.

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