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    Bolt head broke off on ride plate.

    Hey guys,

    Did some searching this but not a lot came up, went to take my ride plate off today and the first bolt I tried just broke right off. Barely even applied much pressure. Anyway, I got the bracket out..what a PITA. I was thinking about just making my own bracket and out of flat stock aluminum probably do blind holes. What are your thoughts? I could just order the oem brackets but I really want to get on the water.


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    If you looked at where you removed the stock inserts you will see that the hull was molded to where the inserts were self aligning.

    Yes you could make brackets but be careful about the alignment. The plate does not align the bolt holes, the bolt holes align the plate,. If you do not mount that plate perfectly straight, the hull will pull to one side or the other and your boat will slow down as a result.

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