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    250x pump issues

    I am getting a rattling sound out of my pump and cant figure out why? I have sucked up a few sticks this year but have removed them all. Would this cause it? I am new to pwc's and could use some help.

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    In the water or out of the water. Can you record a vid on ya phone and upload it.

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    Johnboy pull the pump and inspect the bearings. DO NOT RISK RUNNING THE SKI!! If your bearings are shot it could send the shaft up against the crank and ruin your engine.
    So pull the pump and you should find your answer. If no post and we'll go from there.

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    If the noise is out of water on the trailer only, it could be the pump nozzle rattling. Put some plastic or teflon thin washer at the top and bottom pivot bolt to make the nozzle tight.

    In any case, you should upgrade your pump bearings to 300x spec. Parts cost less than $100.

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