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Thread: rxp prop?

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    rxp prop?

    if i do the 4" intake which prop should I use? will it be suitable if i upgrade to an X charger and grate later?will the stock prop be ok with the 4" intake?

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    If you plan on doing any mods down the road save your prop money until then and just use the stock prop. If you start banging the limiter, just pull it off and add/take away some pitch from the leading edge. I had a 14/19 with a intake/grate/wedge and in the cooler months, it wouldnt spin above 7900, added a external IC and would see 8000. My advice buy a stock 13/18 from someone on the cheap and try pitching it yourself. I cant remember tho if you add or take away the trailing edge, someone else will chime in.

    Also not directed at you, but whats with all the prop questions lately, this is like the 8th one in a week or so.

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