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    06 RXP metal shaving in oil filter

    As i was going to do my service I found metal shaving in the filter. The ski was running good before besides the TOPS sensor going bad. Every small wake i hit it will go off.

    Supercharger looked fine so I took the motor apart. Everything inside looks good. Some of the the starter gear teeth are worn a bit (WILL TAKE PICTURES TONIGHT),

    Could that of been my mysterious metal shavings in the filter? They were up in the front oil pump as well. I didnt fine any pieces in the mag cover filter.

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    You should be good that front pumps like a shop vac. I would definately check the pumps for tolerence. Theres always wear n tear but to a point. once you get the motor fully torn it will come apparent. If that starter gear is worn thats the shavings for sure. Replace that joker also check the starter bendix for proper movement. Most likely there was some sort of supercharger failure earlier in its life

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