The RRR!
What I plan to do: Repair any and all gas gauges that are broken, I am new to MFD's but I have gotten a few working. So I will be doing service with that. I will also be fixing oil gauges, throttles, and I am really good with repairing STOP switches. (Probably cause that is easy, but that's our secret.)
How much it will cost:
Any gauge that needs fixing: $10
Mfd's that need fixing: $45
Throttle's that need fixing: $15
Kill switch: $5
+ S&H each item
What inspired me: I was searching around through the forums, and saw Fueral's Idea of doing this. It inspired me, not to start a business, but to help the members of this community! I DO NOT plan to start a business!
How it works: You send me in your non-working item(s), I fix it and send it back. There will be 6 month (after you get it back) WARRANTY! The "policy" is that you send me back the non-working item and I fix it if the is no insisted damage to the item or if it has been open or messed with since I sent it back.

If this is some how against the rules take it off, but this is NOT commercial use, this is NOT a business, this is simply me returning the favor of all the help handed out here at GreenHulk forums.

If you wish to sell me an item. Offer me a price, what the item is, and what is wrong with it. I will be selling them back for an even lower price.

Any gauge (0)
Mfd's (0)
Throttle's (0)
Kill switch (1)

Thank you and remember, I do NOT plan to get rich off of this or anything like that.