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    3 port FUJI fuel pumps, fuel sender, electrical box from mid 90's SLT780

    I was just taking pics of a cylinder for another member and ran across a pair of blue Fuji 3 port fuel pumps. They are both used, from skis that had oil pump failure, so they were working fine when removed.
    One "looks new", and the other has some of the paint flaking off, but is fine otherwise. Bolts for one included.

    I also have the fuel sender, working when removed.

    And lastly the electrical box. Complete. ( I THINK this is from the SLT780. If you have part numbers I can check)

    Everything here was removed from, if memory recalls, a 97 SLT 780. I had 2 of them that I parted out, and these are still lingering for some reason.

    Im willing to do any sort of test, or take any pictures you may need. I dont want you to buy the wrong part, or buy a faulty part. Honest seller here - I stand behind my sale.

    Make me an offer. I'm not giving this stuff away, but I realize it may do someone else more good than me since I only have domestic engines now.

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    How much for your 3 outlet pump??

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    Is that the float arm style sending unit? If so, how much?

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    Sorry, I just saw this, apparently email notification is not working.

    No this is the resistive pole thing type of sensor. Not sure what to call it, but there is no arm or anything coming off it.

    Everything still available. Going on fleabay in a few days if not sold.

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    i would be interested in one of the fuel pumps

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